The Sports Medicine and Orthopedics Specialty Center focuses on the evaluation and rehabilitation of post-operative conditions and sports injuries of the hip, knee, ankle and foot.


Biomechanical evaluation will help in the prevention of future injuries and maximize performance and function. We specialize in returning our patients back to the athletic field, work place or life as soon as possible.


Improving strength and range of motion are important for successful rehabilitation. Without a coordinated program emphasizing function, efforts fall short of goals. We emphasize a full return to function.


At STAR we pride ourselves on following this philosophy: No matter what your injury, if you don't leave STAR with a more complete understanding of how your body works, then we haven't done our job. We accomplish this by not only tending to your injured body part, but also evaluating how you function with the injury. We emphasize looking for deficits in core strength which make your knees, hips and ankles more vulnerable to injury during your daily activities and sports demands. We also look at all joints for restrictions in motion that may hinder your return to full recovery. Although general stretching programs have not been proven to prevent injury in athletes, we believe that certain specific tightness in joints and muscles can lead to pathology in the back, hips, knees and feet. Regardless of what condition you present with, we evaluate your motion fully. This attention to your overall functioning is what sets STAR apart from other therapy centers. It is the secret to why STAR therapists enjoy their work so much. It is also why you will leave STAR better off than when you arrived: more informed and better prepared to meet the demands required of your body.