Physical Therapists practicing Manual Therapy have in depth training in recognizing and treating movement dysfunctions. Through evaluation of each patient's specific joint range of motion and muscular weaknesses, our physical therapists are able to design a program that will meet the exact needs of each individual.

Treatment of limited motion of
the lumbar spine.

Lower Traction

Neck Traction

Traction can improve circulation to damaged nerves by increasing the space where nerves exit the spine. It is ideal for pain that radiates into the extremities often caused by injury to the discs.

Evaluation of muscles of the pelvis which if tight can create or prolong dysfunction/pain at the lumbar spine.

Assessment of the specific abdominal muscles which when found to be weak or under-utilized result in added compression of the lumbar spine.

State of the art rehabilitation equipment.


Michael Fox PT, SCS, MTC, TPI, heads the Spine Center. After extensive training with the Institute for Physical Therapy, he was awarded his qualification as a Certified Manual Therapist in 1998, and was awarded Board Certification as a Sports Clincal Specialist in 1999.

Our staff are trained in the McKenzie treatment model.