Special STAR programs pinpoint your limitations to return you to your former elite level!

  • AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill
  • Biodex Neuromuscular and Strength Evaluator
  • Muscle Dynamometry
  • Motion Analysis
  • Postural Screens
  • Agility Tests


Combine that with our expertise in post-surgical rehabilitation, sports injury management and athletic training, and we will customize a training protocol to lead you to a successful return to your favorite sports, including:

Golf, Running, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Rugby, Dance, Martial Arts, Lacrosse, Skiing, Swimming, Soccer, Bodybuilding


Balance & Falls Prevention

Millions of adults over the age of 65 who have fallen develop a fear of falling. They then limit their activities, which decreases both mobility and fitness, and ultimately increases their risk of falling again. STAR’s Balance & Falls Prevention Program includes a full assessment of your strength, as well as your dynamic and static balance and agility using multiple baseline tests. We then develop an individual program based on your needs. This includes balance exercises using our Biodex Computerized System: balance evaluator & trainer, rope ladders, balance boards, gait & cognitive challenges and obstacle courses. We’ll work on your cardiovascular endurance, functional mobility and body awareness/balance to keep you safe. At STAR we have Board Certified Licensed Physical Therapists, including a Senior Therapist specializing in Exercise for Aging Adults (CEEAA). Join us today for a comprehensive exam and individualized program.

Right Running - Find Your Stride!

Running is one of the most popular sports and ways of getting and keeping fit in the world. The benefits of running are vast and so are the injuries. There are injuries that are specific to runners and, therefore, it takes a clinician who is involved in the sport and understands the injuries and the toll it takes on the body. In our Right Running Program, a specific plan will be developed and tailored to help injured runners return to pain free running or healthy runners prevent future injury. This educational and performance based program uses motion analysis to improve the runner's biomechanics enabling them to run as efficiently and fluidly as possible. A corner stone to our successful running program is our state of the art, unique Alter G treadmill. STAR is one of just a few facilities in New York City who have this anti-gravity treadmill with NASA developed technology that actually unweights your joints while allowing you to maintain proper running technique during rehabilitation. The Alter G also allows for real time biomechanical evaluations through its multi-angle cameras that allow us to see and correct any improper running form. It can be used in conjunction with our specialized video analysis program that will be sent to you and includes commentary and direction. With our expert training and state of the art equipment, we work with the runner to improve their knowledge and get them into their best stride. Whether returning from injury or currently in training, STAR has the customized running program for you.

ACL Injury Prevention

Injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most prevalent and devastating injuries to the athlete’s knee. The majority of ACL injuries do not result from direct collision with another player, but rather stem from strength and balance deficits, improper training, and poor landing/cutting techniques. There is ample evidence that addressing strength, balance, and biomechanics properly can prevent knee ligament injuries. Based on the success of the Santa Monica PEP (Prevent injury, Enhance Performance) Program and recent evidence that hip and core strength deficits can lead to ACL injury in young athletes, our own STAR ACL Injury Prevention Program has maximized the performance of athletes of various levels: adolescents, collegiate, weekend warriors, and the professionals. At STAR, we will keep you away from injury, and help you maintain your competitive edge.


Knee PREP Program

For patients with upcoming knee replacement surgery, Sports Therapy And Rehabilitation Physical & Occupational Therapy has developed a preoperative program specifically designed to improve post-operative rehabilitation results.

A recent study announced "for patients undergoing total knee replacement, the strength of their quadriceps muscles before surgery is a good predictor of how they'll be functioning a year later. The findings suggest that the quadriceps strength should be optimized with physical therapy...before knee replacement is performed..."

In the STAR Knee PREP program, we'll focus on:

  • Strengthening the quadriceps muscles
  • Increasing range-of-motion
  • Optimizing cardiovascular functioning


Swank AM, et al. J Strength Cond Res. 2011; 25(2):318-325

Dr. Lynn Snyder-Mackler, University of Delaware in Newark, Journal of Rheumatology, August 2005 (Reuters, 8/12/2005) Study finds prehabilitation prepares TKA candidates for stresses of surgery

"We'll prepare you for optimal results from knee replacement surgery"

Post-Rehab Exercise Program

After completing your rehabilitation at Sports Therapy And Rehabilitation, a leading center in Physical & Occupational Therapy, join STAR's Post-Rehab Exercise Program. We'll help you maintain the positive gains you've made while rehabilitating at STAR.

Improve your strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility while enjoying STAR's upbeat environment & staff. A consultation with your Physical Therapist ensures that our Certified Athletic Trainer gears your exercise plan to your individual needs. Group and individual sessions are available at a reasonable rate. Ask your Physical Therapist for details.

"Maintain the positive gains you've made while rehabilitating at STAR"

Pregnancy Program

During pregnancy, women oftentimes experience increased back pain due to changing hormones and the increasing circumference and weight of their midsections. They may also experience joint laxity, changes in their centers of gravity, posture and balance, urinary incontinence and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Studies show that women who exercise during pregnancy are able to alleviate many of these issues as well as decrease their risk of complications during and after delivery and be able to return to their “pre-baby body” faster.

In our Pregnancy Program, A STAR Specialist will:

  • Perform a comprehensive exam and prescribe evidence-based exercises to help improve overall strength, postural alignment and balance
  • Provide recommendations for maintaining fitness during pregnancy through an exercise program, as well as modifications of daily activities and sleeping positions
  • Perform deep tissue mobilizations to reduce muscular pain


"Irene and her staff took extra special care of me during my pregnancy. She is very knowledgeable about how to incorporate safe exercise with a growing belly. With 3 herniated discs I am in constant pain and the pregnancy exacerbated my condition. Everyone is extremely friendly and caring – I always felt like the whole team was looking after me"

-Ashley Brett Furman, Patient

Postpartum Program

Have you been experiencing back stiffness or pain, difficulty with walking or sitting, weakness when carrying or lifting your children or their toys, have decreased posture or urinary incontinence? Whether it has been 6 weeks or 20 years after your last delivery, pregnancy weakens your core muscles. Without specific exercise education, this weakness could lead to chronic low back pain. Physical therapy that includes stabilization exercises can help completely reverse these symptoms. At STAR, we have decades of experience in addressing core weakness and lower back pain.

In STAR’s Postpartum Program, a comprehensive exam will determine the exact location of pain, muscle imbalances and postural dysfunctions. Clients will then be prescribed a specialized and individualized exercise program based on over twenty years experience in the care of back pain and the most current evidence-based research to address your issues, and given training regarding ergonomics, posture and lifting techniques.


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