Orthotics are custom made inserts that fit into the shoes to help correct and maintain proper foot and ankle alignment. An impression of the individual's foot and arch are used to make an insert that allows the ground to meet the exact contours of the bottom of the foot. If necessary, extra support can be placed according to detailed measurements in order to achieve better alignment and function. Through detailed analysis of an individual's gait pattern, the therapist is able to pinpoint alignment problems of the upper and lower leg, foot and ankle that may require the corrective benefits of orthotics.

Measurements of the individual's lower extremity range of motion and alignment are taken.

The individual's foot print is captured and used as the basis for orthotic production.

Final capturing.

Approximately 10 days later the custom orthotics are fitted in the shoes.

Specific shoeware recommendations are made. The final product is assessed for comfort and function.