For inquiries regarding administrative staff positions, please email Ms. Jermaine Willetts.

For inquiries regarding clinical staff positions (i.e. physical therapist, hand therapist, physical therapist assistant or aide), please email Irene Lee.

STAR Mentorship Program

At Sports Therapy And Rehabilitation (STAR) Physical Therapy we offer a multifaceted mentoring program to the novice practitioner. This program was designed to incorporate direct and indirect mentoring while fostering a culture of evidence based practice. At STAR Physical Therapy we focus on individualized approach to mentorship, customizing our program to fit your needs through one on one discussions, weekly staff inservices, financial support for outside education, and other mentoring opportunities.

Over the course of the mentorship, the mentees will attend a series of lectures given by senior staff of both the PT and OT departments. The topics of these lecture series include all joints and sports medicine diagnoses which are relevant to sports and orthopedic practice, their evaluation, and pertinent interventions. During the mentorship, the mentee is also guided in documentation, completion of evaluation, examination, functional goal writing, and application of interventions. All of these techniques will teach the mentee the clinical reasoning and the skills needed to be a leading clinician in the field. STAR also offers continuing education money for outside courses to further develop their knowledge base.

During the time of the mentorship the mentee will be paired with one of the practice owners, directors, or supervisors. In addition to the lecture series the mentees and mentors have weekly meetings to discuss all aspects related to patient care from new clinical topics to current caseload. Other senior staff members are also available as further resources to the mentee. In addition, we have monthly journal club meetings and weekly in-services given by all members of our staff to promote discussion and application of current evidence based practice.

The mentorship will cultivate clinical growth, allowing for successful professional development of the novice clinician into a experienced Doctor of Physical Therapy setting the standards for other practitioners to follow.