Treatment of hip injuries such as hip arthroscopy and resurfacing have made rapid advances in the past 5 years, and STAR sports medicine is on the leading edge of this field. We are Credentialed by the Hospital for Special Surgery with Advanced Hip Clinicians, and are one of only a few facilities who work closely with some of the top orthopedic surgeons in the United States that practice these techniques. If you have hip pain or have had hip arthroscopy we will work closely with your doctor to customize and implement a treatment protocol to assure an optimal outcome for you.

Balance and coordination are diminished after surgery or injury. We combine creative techniques with cutting edge equipment to restore sport specific balance and coordination.

Isokinetic strengthening and testing to optimize outcome after surgery.

At STAR we have specially trained clinicians to perform joint mobilization procedures to improve and maintain proper joint function.

Attaining newly gained range of motion is imperative after hip surgery. This will insure normal return to activities.

Assessment of specific strength deficits help to create an appropriate rehabilitation program.

Soft tissue techniques like ART to manage scarring and tight hip structures help to insure normal function of the hip joint and its surrounding structure.

Strengthening activities that are safe and appropriate to the surgery performed allows for steady progression through the rehabilitation process.


Functional strengthening, while enhancing strength and balance, using state of the art methods.