Hand Therapy

Injury and surgery of the hand requires specialized attention. When seeking medical attention it is important to find a doctor who specializes in treatment of the hand. It is equally important to find a certified hand therapist who has the knowledge and experience in working with varied conditions and procedures.

Our staff is run by Danielle Kagan OTR/L, CHT. Danielle is a Board Certified Hand Therapist who has worked closely with hand surgeons from many of New York's top orthopedic hospitals. The department is fully equipped with the most advanced technology to allow you the most rapid recovery. Our Facility promotes an open and upbeat environment.




Individualized attention by a certified hand therapist is critical to achieve full strength, range of motion (ROM) and function.

An orthosis is molded to fully conform to the hand and arm to allow for ideal healing.

Traumatic and post-operative swelling is best controlled by ice and compression with our state of the art CRYOPUMP device.

Ultrasound and electric stimulation can be applied to diminish inflammation and pain, and to decrease scar tissue.

Upper Extremity Center

Recovery from a Shoulder Injury or Surgery
Sports medicine has made recent rapid advances in our ability to diagnose and treat shoulder injuries. Therapists at Sports Therapy And Rehabilitation are uniquely qualified to care for your shoulder injuries or surgeries. We work closely with many of New York's top shoulder surgeons and having a center dedicated to shoulder injuries allows our therapists to stay on top of recent surgical and rehabilitation advances.

Teaching correct ergonomics will help to maintain an injury-free work environment.

Attaining full range of motion of the shoulder allows full overhead function.

Appropriate strength of the upper extremity helps to prevent future injury.